Vancouver’s Mobile Pipe Freezing Contractor

Eliminate Major Pipe System Shutdowns

NITRO PIPE FREEZE™ creates a temporary isolation to pipe systems so that repairs and alterations can be carried out without needing a major building shutdown. Our system utilizes Liquid Nitrogen to create freeze plugs within the pipe, which act as de facto shut-off valves, so that repairs or alterations can be carried out downstream.

From our base in Vancouver, our fleet of trucks serve the pipe trade contractors and professionals of British Columbia and beyond. Liquid Nitrogen is used to form freeze plugs within the pipe in order to allow work to be carried out on the system, without the need for a drain down. We can help to avoid the significant inconvenience associated with a system shutdown. Pipe freezing using cryogenic liquids such as Nitrogen is industry proven and has been in use for more than 40 years. We can freeze most pipes from 3/8″ to 16″ in diameter and larger.
We also supply Liquid Nitrogen for shrink fitting applications please call for details +1 778. 321. 2653