Why Freeze?

Why Pipe Freezing?

What Are The Benefits?


  • Do you have a faulty or leaky valve?
  • Do You have corroded pipes and fittings, pin holes in copper or dripping faucets that need to be fixed?
  • Do you need to make alterations to pipe systems?
  • Would you like to install new fixtures but do not have any shutoff valves?
  • Have you got copper pipe that is corroded and needs to be replaced?
  • Does your heating system contain costly chemicals that you do not want to drain?
  • Do You have a radiator or baseboard heater that needs to be removed and the valves are not working?
  • Do You need a reliable, quick alternative to draining the building?
  • Do You want to avoid a complete system shutdown while making repairs?


  • Eliminate the need to refill and purge air from systems
  • Sustainability, no wastage of costly chemicals (heating and cooling)
  • No need to drain large quantities of water to the sewer
  • Avoid creating new leaks when re-pressurising the system
  • Compliance. Avoid the financial penalties associated with non-compliance of city bylaws (relating to draining toxic chemicals)
  • Ability to accurately predict or completely eliminate system downtime.
  • Save time, money and help the environment

NITRO PIPE FREEZE™ can isolate the system and the work can be completed quickly and safely, with minimal disruption. We can freeze pipes from 1/4″ up to 16″ diameter and larger. Call +1 778 321 2653 for more information.