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NITRO PIPE FREEZE™ creates a temporary isolation to pipe systems so that repairs and alterations can be carried out without needing a major building shutdown. Our system utilizes Liquid Nitrogen to create freeze plugs within the pipe, which act as de facto shut-off valves, so that repairs or alterations can be carried out downstream.

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Our Main Services

Save Time, Money & Help The Environment

Pipe Freezing

No need to drain large quantities of water to the sewer

Pipe freezing with Liquid Nitrogen enables virtually any size pipes to be safely isolated in a very timely and cost efficient manner.


Hot Tapping

No need to shut-down the section of the pipe

Hot tapping allows the new branch connection to be made without interrupting the flow or needing to drain the system.


Our Clients Say

You’re comparing a Ferrari to a Chevette when it comes to the quality of freezing, I was so impressed by it

Evan LanarasElafon Mechanical

Nitro Pipe Freeze was extremely professional, and delivered exactly what was promised, a frozen pipe with no drain down!

Mike LeeLockerbie & Hole

We are well pleased with your immediate response to our needs. Time on this project is critical and a quick response by yourself kept us right on schedule. Thank You

Darrel NayGisborne Group

Quick and efficient service at a good price. Saved the customer a lengthy drain down on a heating system containing glycol

David WhiteAlpha Mechanical

Your service meant we didn’t have to shut down hot water to the building. A quality solution. Punctual, efficient and speedy

JoelCustom Air Conditioning

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