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Pipe Freezing

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Pipe Freezing Process

A totally inert gas, Nitrogen makes up almost 80% of the air we breathe. Using correct handling procedures Liquid Nitrogen is perfectly safe and simple to use. Pipe freezing with Liquid Nitrogen enables virtually any size pipes, carrying various fluids, to be safely isolated in a very timely and cost efficient manner.

NITRO PIPE FREEZE™ creates a dam around the pipe into which the Liquid Nitrogen is poured. Once a plug has formed it is capable of withholding pressures in excess of the pressure rating of the pipe itself. The plug is then maintained to allow pipework modifications to be undertaken with confidence. It is then defrosted and the system is returned to normal.

Does your building have leaking pipes? Do you have valves that will not shut off properly? Do you want to avoid shutting down pipe systems during essential maintenance? Click here to see how pipe freezing can benefit you.