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T's & C's


Nitro Pipe Freeze – Terms & Conditions – Pipe Freezing 2023
The customer is responsible for providing safe ingress /egress to the site and access to the work area(s), including the provision and set up of ladders, work platforms, scaffold etc.
Parking will be provided by the customer and will be as close to the work location(s) as possible.
The customer may be required to provide ducted fans and /or extra ventilation depending on site conditions and the scope of work.
Pre-planned jobs: multiple locations and/or large diameter pipe, including outside of Metro Vancouver and jobs carried out, outside of our regular business hours:
• NPF may require a deposit prior to scheduling a job. In this event, the deposit is deemed non-refundable and will be deducted from the total invoice once the work has been completed.
• Where work cannot commence or is unsuccessful due to safety concerns by NPF or site conditions not being met, NPF reserves the right to invoice up to 100% of the estimated total invoice.
• Where a job is cancelled by a customer within 5 business days of NPF being due on site, NPF reserves the right to invoice up to 75% of the estimated total invoice or as specified in the job quote.
• In the event that NPF arrives on site and a job is cancelled, NPF reserves the right to charge up to 100% of estimated total invoice.
Jobs booked within Metro Vancouver:
• Jobs booked and cancelled on the same day will be subject to a minimum charge starting at $160 CAD where NPF has arrived at the site. The charge will increase where additional materials have been ordered and additional labour has been allocated or NPF techs are required to standby.
• Where a job has been booked and cancelled within the time up to 24 hrs before the scheduled start time and there has been no prior planning, and NPF has not arrived at the site, there will be no charge to the customer.
Exclusion of liability:
• Nitro Pipe Freeze accepts no liability for pipe failure due to a defective fitting, solder joint or weld or for failure due to pre-existing corrosion of the pipe or fitting.
Where NPF approves a customer for credit, the terms will be ‘net 30 days from date of invoice’ (unless prior arrangement has been made). Overdue accounts will incur administration fees as well as charges of 2% per month or part thereof.
Intellectual property, Non-compete & No-poach:
Nitro Pipe Freeze Inc. (NPF) reserves the right to document work carried out and this may be used for promotional purposes.
Customers contracting NPF will not attempt to copy or record any NPF work methods and/or procedures and will refrain from soliciting, enticing, or inducing any of NPF’s employees to terminate their engagements with NPF unless prior agreement has been made.
Contact us now for more information on our terms and conditions: +1 778 321 2653